Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How do we make a reservation?
A: Call  with time and date. Hold your Reservation by sending a check (or give credit card information if less that 30 days before your visit)

Q:  What do you need to know when I make a reservation.

Q: Are you easy to find?
A: Yes, we have a sign with flags on the right as your heading toward Hatcher Pass, only 9 miles from Palmer. 1 mile past the Turner's Corner-Hatcher Pass Gateway Center on the Palmer-Fishhook Rd, take the side road to the right, we are 1/2 mile up that road on the left. SEE MAPS & DIRECTIONS

Q: How many people can ride at a time?
A: We can take up to 10 comfortably, possibly 15 with special arrangements.

Q: What do we do for bigger groups?
A: Part of your group can ride, while the others hike (you can hike on miles of our trails, or you can hike to the Gold Mint Glacier Trail past the Mother Lode Lodge), go to the petting zoo, picnic, feed the ducks, bring games, visit the area attractions (Independence Mine Tours, Mother Lode Lodge, Hatcher Pass Lodge, etc.) Park at the Little Su River area (1/2 mile from our ranch), berry picking, skiing or sledding. You can even enjoy a meal at the Hatcher Pass Lodge or Fishhook Cafe (approx. 1/2 mile from our ranch) as part of your trip.

Q: How many cabins do you have to rent and how many can it sleep?
A: Currently 4 small frontier cabins, 1 log cabin. (sleeps 1 or 2 people comfortably)

Q: Do I need to know how to ride?
A: NO, we give everyone riding instructions before the ride.

Q: Do you have a big enough horse to hold me?
A: YES, If any riders are over 225 lbs, please let us know when the reservations are made and we will reserve the right size horse for you.

Q: What ages are allowed to ride?
A: Children as young as 2 yrs old (must be able to hold on), and up to 80. Please bring a helmet (bike, etc) for young children if you desire them to wear one.

Q: Can my child ride double with me?
A: Yes, but it is more comfortable for you and the horse, if you put your child on their own horse or pony. The saddles do not accommodate 2 people easily. Depending on the age of the child a buddy saddle could be added behind the riding saddle (only one buddy saddle available). The extra rider is charged 1/2 price. If you are riding a snowmachine, double riding is not a problem if the larger machine is available. The extra rider is charged 1/2 price. Please bring a helmet for your child if desired. We also have a daycare facility nearby if your child does not want to ride. (please make prior arrangements).

Q: What do we need to bring?
A: Dress extra warm and bring raingear and camera. SEE RATES PAGE for more detailed information.

Q: Does the weather effect your hours of operation?
A: Normally No, but call if you have a question. We do ride in the rain, snow and temperatures over approx. 10 degrees above(for horse back riding). Snowmachining temperatures good approx. to 10 degrees below 0.

Q: Do you have any insurance?
A: No, children under 18 yrs of age need a parent or guardian to sign a hold harmless waiver. (if a parent is not accompanying the child a form can be faxed to the parent at time of reservation and returned at time of ride, or the parent can send a written permission slip for the child stating that they are aware the child is riding with no insurance and is riding at their own risk.

65955 Sterling Hwy
Clam Gulch, AK 99568
Second Location: Palmer-Fishhook/Hatcher Pass
907-745-8768 (TROT)
907-707-7056 cell